Bonn and Cape Coast

Climate Sister Cities

Climate Change Ambassadors at the Centre again! 

As "exam week" is over now, schools are allowed to perform some extra-curricular activities. That's why we had another group of climate change ambassadors from Philip Quako Boys School at the Centre yesterday and will host another group from St.... weiterlesen →

Climate Cange Ambassadors at the Centre // 25-11-2016

Last Friday we had the first group of school children visiting the Biodiversity and Environmental Education Centre. Their teacher has been involved in the Bonn-Cape Coast City Partnership since its establishment and is active in environmental protection as well, that's... weiterlesen →

Update No. 3

This week an artist, who is willing to support the Centre, brought some pictures to exhibit here for free as a possibility to advertise his gallery in Elmina. We will present him to you in a few weeks with more... weiterlesen →

Our Team 

Front: Sally, middle: Julia, Isaac; back: Laura, Joshua  I wanted to upload this picture for a long time now, so finally here it is. It's part of our team routine to take an after-work-selfie once a week. Do you want... weiterlesen →

Ein Exkurs: Ghanaisches Essen

Mittlerweile haben wir schon einige ghanaische Gerichte kennengelernt und möchten unser frisch erworbenes Wissen über die ghanaische Küche gerne teilen. Vielleicht können uns ja ein paar deutsche Leser Vorschläge machen, welches typische Essen wir unseren ghanaischen Kollegen unbedingt zeigen oder... weiterlesen →

Small-small Project Update

Hey there! The project is going slow due to challenging circumstances (financing etc.), but we're trying to make the best out of it. This week we finally got some new stuff for the Centre, have a look at it: Hallo!... weiterlesen →

Erste Schritte / First Steps 

(English version below!) Langsam aber sicher können wir im Projekt die ersten kleinen Erfolge erkennen. Da die Finanzierung noch nicht zu 100% steht, versuchen wir momentan im Rahmen unserer Möglichkeiten und getreu dem Motto "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle" mit dem... weiterlesen →

Hello from Cape Coast!

Hello from Cape Coast! We finally managed to get an internet connection on the laptop and hopefully this time it will last. We’ve already started the project work and I’m writing this from my desk at work in the Biodiversity... weiterlesen →

First Impressions (und ein Lebenszeichen)

Akwaaba! means "Welcome" in Fante, the language that is spoken in the southern part of Ghana. We've heard this phrase a lot during the last days; every Ghanain we met was really friendly and asked for the reason of our... weiterlesen →

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